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11 May 2024

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Worldwide Meditation with Inite

Worldwide Meditation with Inite 

Have you ever meditated with the whole world at once using the Power of Synergy?

Inite invites everyone from all over the planet to unite for peace in a collective meditation at a particular time. The innovative gamification of the idea creation process and Think2Earn rewards will enable you with an effective brain trainer and a new lifestyle.

Everyone will be able to practice collectively from anywhere on Earth, but always with the support of thousands of like-minded people. Altogether, we will test the famous Maharishi effect: if even 1% of society practices meditation, united, they can change the world.

Connecting to a group meditation through the Inite mobile app allows you to share your feelings after the practice and expand the peaceful movement worldwide.

Simply download Inite to your device and create an account. Participation is free for everyone! Join us during certain hours. We team up for meditation daily at 9:00 am and 9:00 pm UTC/GMT +3.

Collective meditation will become available to even more people through the collaboration of Inite and the Chiko&Roko platform!

As part of the cooperation, we will hold a joint AMA session on the partner’s English-language channel

Join the broadcast and learn more about the project teams. Ask any questions and find out how you can get the secret NFT designed by Chiko&Roko creative team exclusively for Inite collective meditation.

About Inite

Inite is a meditation and ideas-generating app that is here to turn mindfulness into a daily habit.

This Web3 game helps improve cognitive skills, productivity, and a balanced mood. Inite involves users in daily meditations and insight sharing.

Active participants collect rewards to use within the Inite ecosystem or for earnings. With the help of think2earn mechanics, Inite aims to promote creativity and intellectual development by regularly generating ideas.


Inite supports Near, Aurora, BSC, and Polygon and is looking to connect to other popular EVM-based blockchains.

Make your ideas count!

Supported by the NEAR Foundation + Big Brain Holdings.

About Chiko&Roko

Chiko&Roko is an online platform for free art toys. We’ll be giving away new NFT gifs every day, including exciting custom-themed NFTs with unique designs created by artists from all over the world. You can view the art toys from different angles in 3D and turn them into cool social media content using AR technology.

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