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11 Jun 2024

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Vocdoni launch of its new API for more secure, verifiable, and affordable voting

Vocdoni launch of its new API for more secure, verifiable, and affordable voting 

Vocdoni API makes use of a blockchain-based, open-source digital voting protocol and aims to democratize access to secure and transparent digital voting.

The Vocdoni digital voting project has launched its new Vocdoni API, with which it seeks a paradigm shift in digital voting toward the democratization of its access.

Vocdoni API, which is now available, was created to solve the problems of a sector that has been unable to adapt to an increasingly digitalized world that requires secure governance systems.

Vocdoni has designed the new product with the aim of revolutionizing digital voting by facilitating access to its open-code digital voting infrastructure based on blockchain technology. This cutting-edge technology aims to provide an alternative to the privatized and centralized digital vote, which is considered an obsolete, unverifiable, and extremely expensive model.

The project, which has five years of experience in the world of digital voting, has supplied hundreds of organizations, including FC Barcelona and public institutions. The digital voting system, called Vocdoni Protocol, is based on blockchain technology. It stands out for its high standards of security, scalability, universal verifiability of votes, voting privacy, resistance to censorship, and flexibility.

Vocdoni API: more accessible digital voting than ever—and just as secure

With the new Vocdoni API product, the company, part of the ecosystem of Aragon DAO, provides a technical solution that facilitates the integration of the secure digital voting protocol into all types of organizations, as it allows easy configuration of voting parameters and the counting of results, adapting to all types of governance requirements.

Vocdoni’s aim is to promote this new paradigm of digital voting and it therefore provides free credit to organizations that wish to use the voting protocol with Vocdoni API during the product’s beta phase, throughout the first half of 2023.

About Vocdoni

Vocdoni offers all the necessary resources to create and develop a wide range of digital voting, including statutory meetings such as general assemblies, with full legal validity thanks to its open-code digital voting protocol, based on blockchain technology. It is a secure, end-to-end verifiable, censorship-resistant, and scalable system.

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