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11 May 2024

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‘Vitalik The Goat’ NFT/IRL Toys Collection to Commemorate Ethereum Merge

‘Vitalik The Goat’ NFT/IRL Toys Collection to Commemorate Ethereum Merge 

Seasoned tech innovator, cryptopreneur, and NFT aficionado Ta will honor the Ethereum co-creator and «one of the youngest living geniuses today» with a collection named after him.

HODL Assets CEO and NFT creator and aficionado Jenny Q. Ta will unveil her «Vitalik The Goat» 10K NFT collection, which will also feature IRL (in real life) toys, to commemorate the upcoming September 15th Ethereum Merge.

Ms. Ta’s NFT project will include an assortment of 10,000 unique NFTs (non-fungible tokens), each represented by a one-of-a-kind IRL Customized Bobblehead toy to look like each NFT sold.

During the final countdown to The Merge, when the Ethereum blockchain will make its long-awaited conversion from a PoW (Proof-of-Work) validation method to the PoS (Proof-of-Stake) consensus model, Ms. Ta has been working on creating her exclusive new collection, which will be entirely separate from any of the other NFT collections she’s offered to date.

The Inspiration for the Collection

Jenny Ta has chosen Vitalik Buterin as the inspiration for her latest NFT collection with good reason. As the co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain, Vitalik has helped create a cryptocurrency that’s bigger than Bitcoin (the original crypto) due to its sheer number of utilities, of which Bitcoin has none. While boasting the next highest cap behind Bitcoin, Ethereum’s utility profile boosts the crypto’s competitive edge against its predecessor.

«Vitalik is one of the youngest living geniuses today,» says Ta, «right on a par with Marilyn vos Savant, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and the late Steve Jobs. And, she’s careful to add that «living geniuses aren’t just about tech innovations.» As she explains, «The way they run the companies they’ve built is the other critical component of what makes them great.«

Ms. Ta’s assessment of Vitalik Buterin is shared by famous NFL quarterback Tom Brady, who recently used a goat emoji in a tweet to recognize Buterin’s accomplishments by calling him «the greatest of all time» (i.e., «The GOAT»). It was, in fact, that tweet that inspired Ta to create her «Vitalik The Goat» NFT collection. With her domain acquired and her «Vitalik The Goat» websitelaunching the same week as The Merge, Jenny Ta is preparing to release her new exclusive 10K 1:1 NFT and IRL toy collection — the first-of-its-kind.

«Vitalik The Goat» NFT Collection Specs

Jenny Ta’s «Vitalik The Goat» NFT collection will boast the following features and specifications:

Each NFT in the 10K collection will be paired with a customized IRL (in real life) bobblehead toy that’s designed to look like that individual NFT. Every NFT in the collection is unique — no two are identical — and therefore no two bobbleheads will be identical either.

Of the 10,000 NFTs in the collection, 100 will be selected by lottery to have their bobblehead custom built in-ledger. The lottery selection will be held LIVE via Twitch Live Stream on September 30, 2022. At that time the team will select 100 random NFTs from among those that have been purchased up to that date. The lottery will be held and the names drawn in front of a global audience.

Of the entire 10K collection, 1,000 NFTs will feature the autographs of the seven-member team that developed them. When asked, why is Vitalik the G.O.A.T.? Alexandre Lores, Chief Editor proudly shares, «There are a few true geniuses that stand out in every generation. These superstar minds never fit in, because their mind is already decades in the future.» Shawn Block, Chief Creative behind the project agrees, «From creating Ethereum on the Blockchain and then going from PoW to PoS, Vitalik is the G.O.A.T.» Atefeh (Amy) Yazdi, Chief Communications Strategist of the collection shares a similar sentiment, «To simply put, Vitalik Buterin is the genius behind the revolutionary technology known as Ethereum.»

Ethereum’s «Merge» is undoubtedly the biggest revolution in crypto since Bitcoin, «He founded Bitcoin Magazine in 2011 and created Ethereum in 2015. Vitalik was one of the first thought leaders to truly see the potential of cryptocurrency,» says Rod Wright, the team’s Chief Analyst. «While others sought value in finality, Vitalik found innovation and self-sovereignty by allowing developers to build on top of his network. His genius and works set the groundwork for the governing social interactive ecosystem now called Web 3.0,» the team’s Chief of Research Kevin Daus proudly added. Leading the branding and growth of the project, Stephen J. Caggiano has a distinctive view, «I’d imagine while sitting there buttering his toast, he thought to himself, ‘Today, I think I’ll script the framework to disrupt the global economic standard,'» says Caggiano, «then brought napkin to mouth as he finished breakfast, and here we are today.»

This NFT drop will be totally unique in that, unlike other 10K NFT collections, which use AI or other methods to select the NFT for the buyer, all 10,000 NFTs in this collection will be shown to the buyers, allowing them to personally select the NFT they purchase, which will then be paired with its own matching custom-designed bobblehead collectible toy.

Buyers will be able to purchase the NFTs in this collection either via the website or at

The NFTs in the collection will be priced as follows:

  • 500 NFTs: 0.5 ETH (Ethereum)
  • 1000 NFTs: 0.67 ETH
  • 2000 NFTs: 0.75 ETH
  • 5500 NFTs: 1.0 ETH
  • 1000 NFTs: 1.25 ETH

500 NFTs: Additional allotted for promotions

About HODL Assets, Inc.

HODL Assets is the parent company of several independent projects and has led the way into the future by being one of the first to facilitate the creation, buying, and selling of non-fungible tokens on multiple blockchains.

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