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12 Jun 2024

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UPLAY Online lands in the web3 space

UPLAY Online lands in the web3 space 

Freeverse’s «Living Asset» NFT Technology Will Add Verified Digital Ownership

Leading Barcelona-based game developer UPLAY Online has announced today that is moving into the web3 space through a strategic partnership with next-gen NFT platform Freeverse

With more than 15 years of experience in developing manager and tycoon games, for a variety of different platforms, UPLAY Online sees that the timing is right to bring web3 technology to their games.

“We believe that web3 technology is best used as a complement to great games, rather than being part of the core mechanic, as is the case in Play-to-Earn games»

“By adding Living Asset NFTs to our games, players will be able to truly own their digital content, but as part of a compelling gaming experience – as opposed to the NFTs being the main mechanic”, Quim Garrigós, Development Manager of UPLAY Online.

This vision is being brought to life thanks to Freeverse’s Living Assets Layer-2 platform, which not only allows millions of NFTs to be created but, crucially, permits the on-chain certified properties of those assets to evolve and change based on how the assets are used within the game.

This means that an asset’s properties – for example, the fitness statistic of a footballer – can rise if the owner trains the player, but fall if the player is not used, or ages.

“Living Assets represent a step-change in NFT technology, as they permit the asset to be valued by what the gamer actually does with them”,

“Up until now, NFT value has been mostly associated with artificial scarcity and speculation; but with Living Assets, the utility of the token to other users – affected by how the token has been used in the game – becomes the driver of the asset’s market value”, Alun Evans, CEO of Freeverse

UPLAY Online and Freeverse are currently building a Sports Manager project. This will be the first UPLAY Online’s video game project that lands in the web 3.0 ecosystem. The product is now under development and the first online beta version is expected to be launched between the last quarter of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023.

About UPLAY Online

Independent video game studio based in Barcelona. This multi-awarded studio, founded in 2007 and staffed by sports enthusiasts, have created top hits such Youtubers Life, Esports Life, Striker Manager, and the Basketball Manager saga: Pro Basket Manager (2008), Euroleague Basketball Manager (2009) and International Basketball Manager (2022)

About Freeverse

Freeverse’s mission is to create Living Assets, the NFT 2.0 platform that will power the next generation digital industry. Freeverse’s founding team combines decades of experience in technology and startups.

It was brought together by Dr. Toni Mateos, co-creator of the technology behind Dolby Atmos (via Immosound, the startup acquired by the audio giant in 2012). Joining him in the founding team are Dr. Alun Evans, Alessandro Siniscalchi and Ferran Estalella.

Freeverse is based in Barcelona, Spain. Freeverse recently closed a €10M Series-A funding round, co-led by Earlybird Venture Capital & Target Global.

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