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06 Jun 2024

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Ticketeame launches its pre-sale of the NFT VIP PASS, with the aim of changing the issuance of tickets for events

Ticketeame launches its pre-sale of the NFT VIP PASS, with the aim of changing the issuance of tickets for events 

The world of NFTs has transformed rapidly over the years. What was once considered a simple digital collectible is now a powerful tool that can be used to solve problems in the real world.

This is the case of Ticketeame, the most secure and exciting ticket buying and selling platform on the market, which through blockchain technology and the use of NFT tickets, allows you to control the issuance, sale, and distribution of tickets to events and events concerts, eliminating fraud and uncontrolled resale.

After the great impact that the launch had yesterday on Twitch, reaching the top 2 in the crypto category, Ticketeame stands out as a promising project that is backed by solid utility and fundamentals, and right now it is offering its VIP PASS in pre-sale from May 7 at 7:00 p.m. until June 6.

This VIP PASS, which is aimed at all users, will have a total issue of about 1,200 NFTs, which will begin its pre-sale at a price of only 0.12 ETH. After the Pre-Sale deadline, its value will change to 0.15 ETH.

The advantages of having this VIP PASS from Ticketeame are: 0% commission on the platform, access to purchase tickets “before” their publication, discounts on tickets with exclusive access, as well as access to merchandising from artists and event creators.

Likewise, with the purchase of this VIP PASS, users will have the possibility of having exclusive gifts from artists or clubs and participating in raffles promoted by the platform to get free tickets.

Users will also be participating in a referral program, with great prizes for those who invite their family and acquaintances to purchase the VIP PASS, the conditions of which will be announced soon. And if that were not enough, they would raffle a Ledger with $50 of BTC.

What is Ticketeame?

Ticketeame is a platform specialized in the issuance, sale, and distribution of tickets through NFT, which also has a Marketplace designed to facilitate controlled resale, promotion, and loyalty of customers, event attendees, and fans, changing how Users interact with artists and brands.

Ticketeame, introduces elements of transparency, equity, and accessibility in the sales of tickets to events or concerts, thanks to blockchain technology, moving away from traditional physical ticket issuance systems, facilitating their decentralized issuance to minimize the risk of cloned and adulterated tickets and also the loss or theft of tickets.

With Ticketeame, the NFT revolution reaches the world of events and concerts, allowing the registration of ticketing in a transparent and decentralized order book, based on blockchain technology, to guarantee the integrity of ticketing without depending on the trust.

In the same way, the Ticketeame platform allows you to monitor the secondary ticket resale market, visualize the supply and demand of NFT tickets in real-time, and control marketing in detail.

An event ticketing marketplace that is effectively controlled by an NFT community helps organizers foster a closer connection with fans and sell more tickets.

Likewise, with Ticketeame event organizers will be able to publish, promote, and manage their shows, in addition to selling secure tickets through Smart Contracts hosted on a blockchain. This means that the tickets, being NFT, can generate income before, during, and after each event.

In the future, the marketing of tickets to an epic event by your favorite artist or sports club will be possible, and they could become collector’s items with high demand that generate enormous profits on resale to their owners. In fact, there are already some NFTs. for sale on OpenSea where they are reaching values ​​much higher than the pre-sale price

With Ticketeame, digital tickets to events and concerts are created, negotiated, and stored on a blockchain forever, also enjoy unlimited customization for an unforgettable experience.

Now event entries can contain images, videos, and extra content that will make it easier for events to go viral. Thanks to these special tickets, you can add exclusive dedications from your favorite artists aimed at VIP ticket buyers.

The Ticketeame platform uses smart contracts, so they can offer flexibility and security in the issuance of tickets to allow choosing the currency in which organizers and artists wish to receive their funds.

Likewise, with Ticketeame, event organizers and artists will be able to access valuable information about their tickets and the status of sales through the records found in the blockchain in real-time.

Definitely, with Ticketeame, it will be easier to buy tickets but also manage events from a single place and with complete security.

About Ticketeame

Ticketeame is a platform that wants to revolutionize the way tickets to events and shows are sold using NFTs, to benefit from blockchain technology that provides security, traceability, immutability, and transparency.

With Ticketeame you can monitor the marketing of tickets, to control the issuance, sale, and distribution of tickets to events and concerts using blockchain technology and the use of tickets created as NFT, eliminating fraud and uncontrolled resale.


Ticketeame launches its pre-sale of the NFT VIP PASS, with the aim of changing the issuance of tickets for events

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