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19 Jul 2024

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The Season Pass, what it has brought and what’s yet to come

The Season Pass, what it has brought and what’s yet to come 

LaLigaLand’s flagship NFT, a product with great benefits for its holders.

The Season Pass has a lot to offer to all football fans and enthusiasts of the Web3 ecosystem.

At its birth, the Season Pass had a selling price of $30 for the first 50 units, now, once the 50 unit line is crossed, the NFT is on sale for approximately $40 (price based on Ethereum, the blockchain where the Season Pass is minted) without stopping accumulating value in the form of profits and benefits for all its holders.

It is important to note that once the current 1000 units at $40 are completed, the price will increase to $50.

We remind you that there is a limited maximum offer of 10.000 units of the Season Pass. Are you still thinking about it? Join us in this reading and join the LaLigaLand holders community.

But what benefits has the Season Pass brought?

LaLigaLand is a project that was born on 3 November 2022 after a big presentation in Gran Via, Madrid.

However, the Season Pass starts to be available for purchase from 20 December. And although very little time has passed since then, the reality is that holders have already benefited from numerous exclusives.

Receive a wearable for each event

At every event held by LaLigaLand, Season Pass holders receive an exclusive airdrop.

For example, the Chinese New Year airdrop has been very popular among LaLigaLand fans (Once the Season Pass has been purchased, the airdrop is given to a user from the next event held, it is not retroactive).

VIP Discord access for cardholders

In addition, holders have access to the VIP Discord where very interesting masterclass are held with former LaLiga players but also with web3 experts.

For example, on 29 February there will be a masterclass with Toni Moral, web expert3, former Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Racing Santander and more important clubs.

Sweepstakes and contests with physical benefits

On the other hand, the Season Pass means that holders have the option to obtain physical benefits. The last prize was awarded in a raffle among the holders, the Official LaLiga Ball already has an owner and will be sent to a holder with residence in Turkey.

Don’t miss the opportunity, there will be more raffles and actions with access to official LaLiga merchandising!

T-Shirts of LaLiga

The jerseys of LaLiga teams are a great attraction for fans. Shirts signed by players and former LaLiga players will be raffled, prizes not only of economic value but also of high sentimental value.

VIP Area access inside LaLigaLand

Another strong point of the Season Pass is the VIP lounge inside LaLigaLand. A room just for holders that will be opened in the coming weeks with different mini-games, cinema, exclusive streamings, etc. With these mini-games, those who score the most points will be eligible for bigger prizes.

Gift card raffles

There will also be raffles for holders with cards with a monetary value that can be exchanged at Amazon, El Corte Inglés, MediaMarkt, etc. thus giving holders the possibility to redeem the value of the card for the products that suit them best.

One of the objectives of the Season Pass is that holders can live all kinds of experiences, both in Decentraland and in their day-to-day lives.

Season Pass Season 2 Free!

Finally, an issue that should not go unnoticed; from LaLigaLand we would like to thank all the holders who place their trust in us during this first season of the project (end of season June 2023) by giving them the Season Pass of the second season de forma gratuita cuando comience la segunda temporada.

Keep up to date with all the news regarding LaLigaLand and its Season Pass through our social networks at Twitter, Discord, Telegram and YouTube.

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