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11 May 2024

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The New Wave in the Crypto World

The New Wave in the Crypto World 

Our Crypto Talk was based on a single thought of “credibility”. A friend of mine was troubled by the fact that I went to him with random news on crypto and about coins which could blow up in the future which I learned through YouTube or other influencers on my social media. One day he was pissed off and asked me where I got this information from. To which I replied – “I have sources.”

It then clicked our minds that what if there was a platform where news/updates and signals were to be validated and filtered on the basis of credibility?
That was the time Our Crypto Talk was born.

In times like these, credibility is a major factor people look for in the finance and investment products and Our Crypto Talk is just a combination of credibility and information.

Our Crypto Talk is a platform for crypto enthusiasts and traders to hangout and participate in discussions, provide and receive value and engage in a hassle-free total crypto environment along with people with similar interests from all around the globe.

OCT offers plenty of crypto specific features and some of them are as follows

Market Analysis

Our Crypto Talk’s vision is to allow users to have everything served for them on a single plate while they have meaningful conversations rather than asking them to switch in between tabs and look for coin prices, comparing them and searching for the best and the worst performers every now and then.

OCT Analysis

Our Crypto Talk not only provides market data but also generates and provides its users with quality crypto centric data like trending coins and watchlists on the app. What’s the use case?

You won’t miss out any “most -talked about” coin with the trending coins feature.

You can check out what other people have their eyes laid on with the watchlist feature.

OCT Predictions

Alongside providing users with essential data, OCT also aims at creating a learning environment throughout by conducting weekly predictions and not just only that but also offering in-app rewards in terms of credibility to the users on every correct prediction.

OCT Trades

OCT lets you put in trades and later on evaluates whether the trade was successful or not. This is displayed in the user profile section as well which let’s other users know how good a trader he/she is talking to.

Along with that, Our Crypto Talk offers users with a choice of different crypto rooms and channels while also providing them with the functionality of direct messages on the app.

How is OCT different from other chat platforms?

  • Crypto Specific Features

Live Market Data, Trending Coins, Fear and Greed Index, OCT DATA (Data that is generated in app through conversations)

  • Trades And Signals

OCT provides an option to put in trades (EP, SL, TP) and even check the trades (successful or not)

  • Networking

It has multiple channels on the platform where you can connect with all people in the crypto space and get to know more about them.

  • Credibility

Crypto is a delicate space and people are afraid of the scammers to an extent that they would hesitate in being a part of any such groups on the internet, while Our Crypto Talk provides end to end security and keeps the scammers and the bots away.

Why should you use Our Crypto Talk?

  • A lot of potential in the space with ever growing members from the crypto space.
  • You get to break the stereotype and be a part of a total crypto specific social platform.
  • Lot’s of profits!

Whether or not you are a trader or even if you are new to crypto, you should for once give Our Crypto Talk a try. This platform is no longer under-rated and every user who has been a part has never left since they joined. Be a part of the community and grow together! Hope you all have a great OCTober ahead!

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