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19 Jul 2024

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The Company Driving Blockchain Adoption in Spain: Unknown Gravity

The Company Driving Blockchain Adoption in Spain: Unknown Gravity 

Blockchain is the most disruptive technology that has been created since the emergence of the Internet in the last century

Blockchain is the most disruptive technology that has been created since the emergence of the Internet in the last century. This technology was designed for decentralized data storage, in a public, secure and immutable way. Therefore, it is the technology behind Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

For years, large corporations and banks have explored its possibilities and applications in the real world, achieving several significant use cases. Blockchain technology is based on a chain of blocks that stores operations by stacking blocks in a continuous and decentralized manner.

This type of database has the advantage of being public and immutable, which allows third parties to verify the data stored there, in each of the blocks of the chain. Hence, its main usefulness is that it is seen as a large, unalterable, and shared accounting book with operations that a large number of computers record simultaneously.

While it is true that understanding this technology and managing it can be intimidating for some people, the multidisciplinary team at Unknown Gravity are true experts in developing applications under blockchain.


Unknown Gravity is a revolutionary blockchain company that is changing the way this decentralized technology is viewed and used in Spain, offering top-level solutions to provide cutting-edge products and services.

It is considered to be ranked among the best blockchain development companies in this country, which allows other companies to create the project of their dreams and tailor it to their needs, based on the technology that is evolving processes on the Internet.

But, Unknown Gravity is much more. Since it is also a 360 Blockchain Agency that provides services ranging from consulting, development, marketing, and graphic design to regulatory compliance, making it easier for companies to stop worrying about the challenges of creating blockchain applications to focus exclusively on generating wealth for its shareholders.

This company was formed from the alliance of a group of industry leaders in blockchain technology from Spain and specialists who offered comprehensive digital development and marketing services separately, which in 2023 decided to join forces to create a Blockchain 360 Agency.

Thanks to the experience in the world of blockchain of the multidisciplinary team of this Malaga company, they can create, develop and implement scalable comprehensive solutions in record time that improve the efficiency, security, and transparency of their client’s business processes immediately producing better operational results.

These blockchain development services are focused on: Product Traceability, Smart Contracts, Creation of NFT Collections, Marketplaces, Decentralized Applications (dApps), Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways, Tokenization, Security Audits, and of course Blockchain Consulting services.

Likewise, marketing and design services, which include Content Creation, Social Media, Branding, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), are designed to provide blockchain solutions and projects fully online and in the production stage.

With Unknown Gravity, companies that are starting to create projects based on blockchain will not have the need to invest time and resources in acquiring the know-how of this technology, so they will have more time to exploit its benefits.

For all this and more, Unknown Gravity is the company that is changing the way blockchain technology is seen and used in Spain, since thanks to its innovative and personalized solutions, companies can fully take advantage of the potential of this decentralized technology and benefit from its many advantages without complications.


The Unknown Gravity team is accustomed to working on projects from ideation to production. To accomplish it, the most important thing is to have clear and concise communication about the objectives and requirements of the project.

Therefore, they will listen carefully to your ideas, needs, and objectives, to carry out an in-depth analysis that will allow you to offer your company valuable advice on the best strategies to carry them out.

In each of its services, Unknown Gravity is dedicated to carrying out a prior analysis of its client’s needs and processes, which allows it to identify possible key areas of improvement for the correct implementation of its solutions.

Once Unknown Gravity solutions are delivered to its customers, they are fully ready to be integrated into the production environment, running smoothly and efficiently, minimizing operational disruptions and maximizing return on investment.

Unknown Gravity is a reliable technological partner that is also a leader in the development of disruptive solutions based on blockchain. Proof of this is 981Block and ChainTrak, two projects based on blockchain.

981Block is a company specialized in implementing a cryptocurrency payment gateway for various types of businesses, on any platform and with any payment provider.

ChainTrak is a blockchain traceability service, which can be applied in a wide variety of sectors to improve transparency, authenticity, and efficiency in product management, preserving brand image and consumer trust through a platform designed to address critical challenges in the supply chain and logistics.

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