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07 Jun 2024

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The 5 Discord Bots Every Web3 Community & DAO Should Have
Top 5 Discord bots for your DAO or web3 community.

The 5 Discord Bots Every Web3 Community & DAO Should Have 

Discord is an essential tool for web3 communities, but can quickly become overwhelming and tedious without the right tools to help you navigate it.

Fortunately, there are several game-changing bots with features to help DAO members and leaders better coordinate their communities, make sense of all the noise and chatter, and extract critical DAO information and make it easily available to members.

Here are 5 ‘must-have’ Discord bots for a winning web3 stack that will guarantee your community stays on track and moves at hyperspeed towards your common goal.


ILUMA, the ‘Superhuman of web3’, powers some of the most influential DAOs. ILUMA gives you the superhuman ability to filter out the chatter and noise of Discord, saving you countless hours by easily providing you with the most important information and insights.

Their software is for DAO builders and members alike, with an AI inbox to easily find and triage the most relevant and time-sensitive bits of information, a dashboard that extracts and collects DAO data on voting, proposals, conversations, new members and projects, onboarding flows that allow new members to efficiently begin contributing to the DAO, and so much more.


A great tool for managing calendar events, tracking RSVPs and setting reminders on Discord is Sesh, which does all of the above – even across multiple time zones. Not only is it very easy to use and install, Sesh offers an expansive free version for communities looking to manage calendars and events. That said, the paid version is inexpensive and offers incredible perks. It’s easy to see why over 2 million events have been created on Discord using SESH!


The best voting tool on the market, Snapshot, is another web3 community stack must-have. The open-source, off-chain voting system is already used by hundreds of DAOs to make decisions democratically by voting on proposals about spending, events and projects.

The platform offers simple voting schemes, i.e. the classic «yay» or «nay», as well as multiple choice, weighted voting, and more recently the option of shielded voting to keep voting private using encryption. DAOs are able to easily track Snapshot voting outcomes, which in turn streamlines the decision-making process. Another added plus – no gas fees!


Joining Discord NFT communities requires you to verify that you are an NFT holder. Doing so assigns you a role, which grants you access to private Discord channels, special events and gives you additional permissions that are hidden from non-holders.

Having to manually manage roles and channel access in a community of thousands of people is incredibly time-consuming, Collab.Land provides an easy way for community managers to manage these member permissions. Their tokenized system allows communities to harness digital assets like NFTs and use them as programmable identities in a scalable way. Collab.Land offers templates that make setting up your first bot easy, as well as the option to customize your Collab.Land bot and tailor it to the needs of your community.


As web3 community Discord servers scale from tens to thousands of members, manual verification, community moderation and member incentivization becomes increasingly time-consuming and unmanageable.

MEE6 helps community managers automate several areas of community management by providing basic onboarding, role assignment, and message gamification. Used by 19M servers, MEE6 offers a large range of features, from creating custom commands to setting up member levels and rewards, offers 20+ plugins, a wide range of customization, and can be set up within minutes.

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