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11 May 2024

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Platinum Egg brings popular Japanese Web 3.0 game to Concordium

Platinum Egg brings popular Japanese Web 3.0 game to Concordium 

Platinum Egg, the popular Japanese game company, has announced the upcoming integration of its Web 3.0 game, CrossLink, with the Concordium Blockchain

With this partnership, Platinum Egg is making it easier for people with low cryptocurrency literacy to feel safe when joining the crypto space.

«Another aspect of cryptocurrencies that has been preventing its widespread integration in Japan has been the perception of lack of security»

A history of strict banking laws and regulations has created a culture of doubt towards new financial instruments, causing more hesitation for less crypto literate people to jump into the space.

«We believe that the emphasis on identity security built into Concordium, combined with the soft entry provided by Crosslink, will prove to be an effective catalyst in encouraging new non-crypto literate users to join the space.» Nariya Takemura, President of Platinum Egg.

Crosslink, which already has over 250K users, aims to serve as a vehicle to introduce newcomers to the crypto space. Unlike other blockchain-based games, Crosslink does not have an initial spend to play and earn rewards.

CrossLink is a game that connects the real world and the virtual – a completely new gaming experience combining GPS and games. Players can dispatch heroes anywhere on earth and challenge extraterrestrial life, win battles with raid bosses, and earn rewards!

«At Concordium, we are very excited to partner with Platinum Egg. An already well established and successful game, Crosslink will benefit from Concordium’s ID layer and security and allow new users access to blockchain based solutions»

«Concordium already has a growing following in Japan, but it is a market where we very much appreciate having strong and established partners with deep understanding of Japan and the ecosystem there»

«The collaboration with Platinum Egg also underlines our increasing presence in and strong support of blockchain-based gaming» Lars Seier Christensen, Chairman of Concordium Foundation

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