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05 Jun 2024

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NFT Symbolizing Diversity Inclusion

NFT Symbolizing Diversity Inclusion 

Xastro Origin Founder NFTs by DEIXA is launching the first release of a unique experiential and community based NFT collection celebrating diversity inclusion. The first release of the limited set of Xastro NFTs are live today and is available for purchase at DEIXA.

DEIXA – Decentralized Equality Inclusion maXimum Action – is a new web3 online community that will be launching at the end of October 2022, in conjunction with their Mobile dAPP (decentralized iOS & Android app).

Will offer a decentralized rewards program focused on access for all, and has commissioned world-renowned artist Bruce Sulzberg to create Xastro, the official Mascot & Universal Ambassador of DEIXA, which represents the gateway to an innovative diverse inclusive community.

Built around participant recognition and epic reward experiences within a core mandate of respect, data privacy and fiscal transparency.

Promotes and supports advancing equality from local to global brands with aligned standards

For everyone and anyone who supports inclusion, desires recognition integrated with data privacy, along with curated content, and access to be rewarded with epic experiences.

«Our vision is to be at the intersection of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and technology. So, for us, NFTs are a logical step in our progression»

«We wanted to introduce the idea of not just a static NFT but a combined dynamic digital passport access to a more meaningful connected community! We deliver this by creating the foundation for a circular ecosystem framework that is transparent with our participants and provides real physical applications while giving back to support and grow the community.», DEIXA CMO Anouk De La Tore

DEIXA is building an innovative digital platform that will reward community participants for engaging with brand content in an equitable inclusive manner. 100% of the revenue generated through sponsored content and advertising as well as any assets sold, including the Xastro NFTs, will flow into a treasury governed by the community participants and trustees of the DEIXA DAO entity to ensure maximum transparency.


DEIXA is a new global community, delivering you the power to be at the forefront of equality and inclusion – and have fun doing it.

We connect people who seek the viral power of rewarding experiences, privacy, and security. Together, we participate in a community that is mutually rewarding and impactful. Everyone is invited to the experience. DEIXA is your community; we respect you!

About Bruce Sulzberg

Bruce Sulzberg is an accomplished artist and entrepreneur with over 30 years in film, graphic design and fine art.

His unique style and innovative approaches blends traditional techniques with contemporary «pop-art», and exclusive 3-dimensional fine art products connected with the NFT/crypto currency phenomenon, have caught the attention of art collectors and burgeoning apprentices globally. Through his company SSMFA, Bruce regularly collaborates with professional athletes and celebrities.

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