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19 Jul 2024

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MoonXBT Issues FIFA World Cup 2022 Champion Derivative

MoonXBT Issues FIFA World Cup 2022 Champion Derivative 

here’s no doubt of the high anticipation for the FIFA World Cup 2022. It is the first world cup to happen in the post pandemic age and the first to be held in winter.

It would also be the last world cup for superstars such as Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. So not only is it a global sport event that will bring excitement to the world audience, but also a good opportunity that can bring fortune to people.

MoonXBT, the leading social trading exchange, has recently released a derivative product for the FIFA World Cup 2022 where participants can choose the teams of their likings by purchasing relative tokens and earn yields stage by stage. This is the first ever world cup crypto derivative combining the blockchain technology with one of the largest sporting spectacles in the world.

By marrying blockchain technology with the world cup, MoonXBT provides an easy, transparent and secure way for people to get involved in the event at a deeper level and capitalise on the worldwide passion.

On MoonXBT, Users can support their favourite team by simply purchasing the teams’ tokens starting from only 1 USDT. Users can then keep track of the tournament and the result of their tokens on MoonXBT FIFA world cup page with everything being presented with total transparency. Given the decentralisation nature of the tokens, users can be assured that the tokens and the related activities will not be manipulated in any way.

The process is also easy which will evolve in line with the tournament from group games, 1/8, 1/4 final and semi-final games. From now to the first group games of the users’ supported teams is all purchasing period when users can buy tokens of 32 teams.

After the game starts, users will enter the settlement phase. For each round of the game, the tokens of the eliminated team will be burned and converted into the championship token WIN and get into the prize pool. For each round, the winning team token holders will have two choices, one to continue to hold the tokens and proceed with the game for bigger winnings; the other, to cash out their earnings for that round where they can get 60% of the corresponding share from the prize pool with the rest 40% of the share remain in the prize pool.

The above goes on until the final championship where the champion team token holders will share the prize pool contributed by all the eliminated teams and the corresponding share of the final prize pool for the champion team token.

During the above process, users can also carry out OTC trading as well as secondary market trading of all the tokens that are still remaining. The secondary market trading will be suspended for the tokens once their teams start the match while the OTC trading will not be restricted.

As an innovative social trading platform, MoonXBT has multiple advantages at hand to make the event big and bullish. With the strength of all the industry KOLs from different regions, the event can attract users all over the world to MoonXBT.

Moreover, the social connections and rebate programs will generate the snowball effect for the MoonXBT FIFA World Cup 2022 event which can potentially form a large prize pool. Users can share rebates from their referees’ purchases or transactions of the tokens. As a result, the event will also deepen the social attributes of the platform.

Moreover, by seizing the world cup tide and utilising the derivative well, it could bring in a new influx of liquidity to the crypto space, especially from the users outside of the loop originally. The event combined with passionate activity, facilitated by technological convenience and propelled with cash flow could potentially ignite a new bull run in this winter which will not only bring substantial benefits to world cup lovers, but also great incentives to the crypto industry.

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