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05 Jun 2024

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LitLab Games to present the CyberTitans’ Beta, its first web3 video game, in a live event in Madrid

LitLab Games to present the CyberTitans’ Beta, its first web3 video game, in a live event in Madrid 

  • The event will take place at the Palacio Neptuno in Madrid, on October 21th (18:30 CET)

LitLab Games will present at the Palacio Neptuno in Madrid (Spain) its first video game: CyberTitans.

After the event that took place in Barcelona, where the launch trailer was streamed and the partnership with Team Queso was formalized, LitLab Games wanted to move to Madrid to put the CyberTitans’ Beta version in the hands of the players.

It will be the first time CyberTitans community can enjoy the game, which has been in development since early 2022. Around 250 people will attend the Palacio Neptuno in Madrid, from where you can play CyberTitans for the very first time. This will be possible thanks to the gaming setup LitLab Games will provide to all the guests.

The event is scheduled to start at 18:30 CET, but the doors for the press will be open half an hour earlier. Visitors can ask all kinds of questions, both about CyberTitans and LitLab Games. The publisher wants this title, a free-to-play of the Auto Chess genre, to be the first one of a long list of video games based on the same universe of titans.

LitLab Games is the first web3 video game studio created by Esports professionals, and therefore they have always directed the project towards a link between Esports and blockchain technology. So, the company will have its own blockchain, with the aim of having a real fusion and an excellent user experience between game and web3.

About the game, CyberTitans

CyberTitans will be playable for 100% free, but will also include some game modes that include the $LITT token, currently listed in and Coinstore. Thanks to the support of partners like, Elixir, Team Queso, Belobaba, The Breach Studios, The Blockchain House, Coinstore, Monstropoly or Lightnite, the game will finally be released in the first quarter of 2023, after the Beta in early November.

Team Queso partnership & Global Circuit

On 22 September 2022 CyberTitans presented its first launch trailer at a closed event in Barcelona. Team Queso was then announced as the inaugural Global Partner of LitLab Games, which will begin an Esports circuit with CyberTitans.

In addition, investors, friends and different agencies could also know the ins and outs of the game, as well as the current situation of the company and the roadmap throughout 2023.

The Esports club enters the LitLab Games project as the first of eight Global Partners that the company plans to integrate.

“This is another step in the club’s technological development. We believe that the vision they had in the CyberTitans’ development aligns with Team Queso and we are looking forward to launching the partner program in CyberTitans,» was said by Álvaro González de Buitrago, CEO of the team.

This integration provides the club with some new advantages for the forthcoming video games that the company will develop, as well as entry into the «League of Clubs«, a professional circuit that will begin after the official launch of CyberTitans.

A competition will be created with the eight Global Partners and a LEC-like league will be played, in the company’s first game CyberTitans. This web3 video game will be free-to-play and belongs to the auto-chess genre, which combines strategy with economic management.

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