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19 Jul 2024

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LitLab Games presents its first video game, CyberTitans

LitLab Games presents its first video game, CyberTitans 

Official Launch of the Cyber Titans game

LitLab Games has presented its first video game, CyberTitans, at Portal de l’Eixample (Barcelona).

The event took place on Thursday, September 22, 2022 and was attended by more than 150 people, to welcome a project that inaugurates the universe with which the company intends to start its catalog of video games.

LitLab Games is the first web3 videogame studio created by Esports professionals, and that is why they have always directed the project towards a link between eSports and blockchain technology. So much so that the company will have its own blockchain, with the aim of having a real fusion and an excellent user experience between game and web3.

Since its inception, CyberTitans is a AAA game whose transactions will be made through the $LITT token, which will be listed on and Coinstore.

The presentation of the alpha version of the game is the result of months of work, during which more than €2 million in funding has been raised.

Currently, LitLab Games is in the middle of an open strategic round to generate synergies with potential investors.

The event kicked off with the first official CyberTitans trailer, featuring exclusive footage of the Alpha version currently in development. Thanks to the support of partners, Elixir, Team Queso, Belobaba, The Breach Studios, The Blockchain House, Coinstore, Monstropoly and Lightnite, the game will finally be released in the first quarter of 2023, after the release of the Beta on October 30.

The first surprise of the afternoon was the presentation of Team Queso as Global Partner of LitLab Games, which will start its Esports circuit with CyberTitans.

In addition, investors, friends and different agencies were also able to know the ins and outs of the video game, as well as the current situation of the company and the roadmap with the progress that is expected to live throughout 2023.

Presentation TeamQueso first Global partner

Different authorities linked to LitLab Games took the stage of the presentation event, to comment their point of view regarding CyberTitans and the company. After Ferran Punti (The Breach Studios) and Carlos Roldan (Elixir Games), Danyil Shatko welcomed Álvaro González, CEO of Team Queso.

The leading Esports club enters the LitLab Games project as the first of eight Global Partners that the company plans to integrate.

«This is a further step in the club’s technological development. We believe the vision they have had with the development of CyberTitans aligns with Team Queso and we are looking forward to debuting the partner program at CyberTitans,» commented the team’s CEO.

This integration grants the club a series of advantages for the video games that the company will be developing, as well as entry into the «League of Clubs», a professional circuit that will begin after the official launch of CyberTitans.

A competition will be created with the eight Global Partners and a league will be played in the purest LEC style of the first game of the brand, CyberTitans. This web3 videogame will be free-to-play and is framed in the auto-chess genre, which combines strategy with economy management.

Launch of $LITT token on Belobaba’s launchpad

In addition to the Team Queso presentation, this distinguished event also featured the launch of the $LITT token on the Belobaba launchpad.

The token is now available to all owners of the
$BBCN token. The fund adds to its project incubator the first developer and distributor of web3 video games based on blockchain technology.

«The event has been a great success and marks a turning point in the development of CyberTitans. We are all very excited and looking forward to showcasing all that is to come over the next few years,» were the words of Danyil Shatko, CEO of LitLabGames.

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