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11 May 2024

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LitLab Games joins Seedfy a blockchain game incubator and launchpad

LitLab Games joins Seedfy a blockchain game incubator and launchpad 

After hard work LitLab Games can finally officially announce the partnership with Seedify. The collaboration with one of the most important blockchain project incubators in the sector will begin in November and will last throughout the life of LitLab.

This impulse aims to place CyberTitans on a global scale, with new horizons and ambitions

The $LITT token is the axis on which the LitLab Games revolves, covering all the video games that the publisher will release. This is a pioneer collaboration in the web3 space, where games until now unilaterally added value to one or two tokens.

LitLab Games’ intention is to change this concept and make the $LITT token absorb value from all publisher content, while creating a community of gamers around it.

The private round is about to be closed (currently at $2.80M) and the public round is planned for the end of January, where the Seedify launchpad will be used as the headliner for the launch. However, more companions who are going to escort us on this trip remain to be revealed.

CyberTitans levels up with Seedify support

Although the most obvious thing is to look towards CyberTitans after making the partnership with Seedify official, the international launchpad has a global point of view and intends to support the LitLab Games project as this publisher launches video games. It is not a one-time action, but the forces have joined for a long journey and surely the fruits will begin to sprout.

Now, the first video game from LitLab Games is in the Beta Phase and the gamers are testing the auto-chess title to continue polishing every detail of the gameplay.

CyberTitans is living a process of organic growth, as the community gets bigger every day, an aspect in which Seedify also contributes thanks to its global nature.

Why Seedify and why now?

Seedify has lived the best and worst moments of the crypto market, but as a standard of quality it continues to remain at the top of the launchpads, more particularly as TOP1 in the web3 gaming part. In addition, a new initiative has been created called «Seedify incubation», where they selected 5 projects from around the world to give special coverage, monitoring and care.

The first of the chosen projects is LitLab Games (with CyberTitans game), where they make their entire marketing, tokenization, game balance, partnership and business development team available to us.

All departments are made up of specialized people with extensive experience in the sector. And, fortunately for LitLab Games, they’re really kind.

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