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19 Jul 2024

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Kingdomverse «Freemium» Metaverse Game

Kingdomverse «Freemium» Metaverse Game 

Kingdomverse, one of the first open 3D metaverses to bridge the metaverse with casual mobile games, will be attending TGS 2022 (Tokyo Game Show 2022) hosted by YGG Japan (Yield Guild Games Japan) this September.

TGS has been one of the most prominent and historical game exhibitions in the world since 1996, dedicated to showcasing the best the gaming world has to offer.

YGG is a DAO that promotes blockchain-based games by providing a platform for users to invest in NFTs in virtual worlds. YGG Japan, established by YGG after its expansion into Japan, aims to lead Japanese game users to the world of «Play and Earn».

YGG Japan will also support Japanese game companies in launching their blockchain games to the world. With the success of Axie Infinity, YGG enjoys great popularity with gamers and has fostered a strong and dedicated community.

Apart from participating in the event, Kingdomverse is also aiming to introduce its new «Freemium» model that will form the foundation of its metaverse and the mobile game ecosystem.

Kingdomverse is the first metaverse to combine a 3D virtual world with Real-time Strategy (RTS) and casual mobile games, bringing gamers a unique Web3 gaming experience. Its mission is to create a player-centric Web3 game ecosystem with the «Freemium» approach.

Players can play Kingdomverse’s mobile games for free and unlock fragmented NFTs as they play and win game tokens to mint in-game avatars that can be used in the metaverse.

While many GameFi projects currently on the market are adopting crowdfunding methods to sell NFTs collections before the game is ready to market, this model has been questioned in lieu of the crypto winter and a string of infamous crypto «rug»‘ projects.

Its belief is that a «Freemium» model would attract gaming communities that appreciate the full experience of the game while giving them peace of mind in terms of the security and integrity of the project.

With Kingdomverse’s first casual mobile game, «Defend the Kingdom», a key takeaway is that a «Free-to-Play» model has the highest success rate in activating an existing community.

During its closed alpha testing period, the daily engagement time averaged 2 hours per player. In addition to the high in-game engagement rate, the closed alpha also lent considerable feedback from the players themselves, allowing the team to refine gameplay mechanics before further releases.

Between Sep 15th to 18th, the cinematic teaser and mobile game demo will be released at TGS 2022. Participants will have their first taste of the Kingdomverse experience. CEO Terence Chow and Community Lead Isaiah will be on the stage to discuss Kingdomverse’s «Freemium» approach, and inspire the next generation of gamers.

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