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19 Jul 2024

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In 10 years the cryptocurrency ecosystem has evolved by leaps and bounds

In 10 years the cryptocurrency ecosystem has evolved by leaps and bounds 

When Bitcoin was launched in 2009, its value was zero. Since then, its price has jumped above sixty thousand dollars today.

When Bitcoin was launched in 2009, its value was zero. Since then, its price has jumped above sixty thousand dollars today, and as a precursor cryptocurrency to an entire financial ecosystem based on cryptography, which was created to give people more power over their money.

Although this cryptocurrency has been built relatively recently, it has gone through a long process of adaptation and improvements to reduce the friction of its use until reaching the advanced wallets and dApps that we have today, which has generated significant interest in audiences around the world and therefore an explosion of media that covers this sector.

Territorio Bitcoin turns 10 years old

Just this year, Territorio Bitcoin, the first independent media outlet on cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology, and Fintech, turns 10 years old, and during that time, it has witnessed the emergence of new trends in the financial field.

In 2014, Initiatives such as “Calle Bitcoin”, one of the most prominent at that time, had organized around twenty businesses located near Serrano Street in the middle of the “Golden Mile” of Madrid, to accept payments with this cryptocurrency.

That’s when Oscar Dominguez, who specialized in professional, B2B and B2C Marketing with more than 30 years of experience in marketing, sales, event planning, and development, decided to found a directory that grouped shops and businesses that accepted Bitcoin in Spain.

However, Dominguez had a more ambitious goal and turned Territorio Bitcoin into a digital media site oriented exclusively to news from the world of cryptocurrencies that also supported all business initiatives in this sector.

During that time, startups related to cryptocurrencies were growing in Spain but they had little media support, and from there, Territorio Bitcoin began to support all types of projects focused on cryptocurrencies with interviews, reports, product reviews, multimedia content, meetups, and events.

The key was always to report simply and dynamically the events of the cryptographic ecosystem and promote its potential adoption in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries as an alternative to traditional finance.

Territorio Bitcoin’s editorial approach as a media outlet was intended to promote those crypto products that offered value to users while building a broader, feature-rich ecosystem.

That was the basis of the success of Territorio Bitcoin, which earned it the 2017 “Digital Award” in the “Best Media Innovation Project” category. An award that is awarded in recognition of the work of the most innovative companies in Spain and that contribute the most to digitalization in the country.

Since then, Territorio Bitcoin has not stopped innovating and creating new content and formats that are attractive to its audience while managing to report on what sets the standard in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The arrival of ONx Media Lab

After years of thoroughly knowing the market, blockchain technology, crypto companies, creators and developers, ONx Media Lab was born in 2022, to provide communication, marketing, and development services aimed at serving companies in the blockchain ecosystem.

In addition, ONx Media Lab provides public relations and marketing services, along with complete customer service through the management of digital and social networks, saving brands time and generating measurable results.

ONx Media Lab has a significant audience with users interested in cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, DeFi, Web3, NFTs, CBDCs, and the Metaverse, with Territorio Bitcoin for Spanish-speaking users and W3News for English-speaking users.

Any company that is about to start its journey in the blockchain industry or is simply looking to expand its business must have its marketing plan perfectly outlined since its exposure and future will depend on it.

ONx Media Lab offers cutting-edge services and technology to allow both small and large companies to achieve their predefined objectives in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

To achieve this, it relies on a group of people with experience in different subjects related to technology and communication. And the thing is, ONx Media Lab has the knowledge and tools necessary to lead companies to success.

Likewise, ONx Media Lab provides social media management and content marketing services, aimed at helping emerging companies increase traffic to their websites from their online marketing channels (social networks, search engines, or email marketing).

These services are complemented by influencer marketing, media distribution, public relations, brand messaging, and community management services, helping clients with blockchain public relations: from the challenges you might face to improving KPIs that will help you measure the success of your campaign.

ONx Media Lab also offers blockchain solutions such as Asset Tokenization, by transforming a physical or intangible asset into a digital asset, guaranteeing its security and authenticity with blockchain technology, as well as ICO, STO, and IEO creation services, specialized in attracting investment rounds in the digital world of cryptocurrencies.

Besides, ONx Media Lab provides solutions based on smart contracts, through protocols designed to authenticate the terms of a legal contract and supervise its corresponding execution and the creation of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that represent unique and exclusive digital certificates of legitimacy and asset ownership.

In addition, it offers advice on tax and legal aspects for companies in the sector. Without a doubt, ONx Media Lab is a powerful Internet tool to spread your message online and improve your communications and blockchain processes with the help of true experts in the cryptoasset ecosystem.

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