A whole new world of opportunities in the crypto sphere is now open to Canadians. The reputed private Canadian crypto fund Coinberry Canada has recently announced it has made several changes and upgrades to its website, now offering a lot more crypto-related services than before. These services include crypto trading, crypto credit cards, crypto loans, an NFT marketplace, digital retirement plans, and much more.

«Especially during times of market uncertainty, it is important to have a team of professionals at your back,» remarked Nicholas Mosse, spokesperson for Coinberry Canada. «As you can probably tell, we’ve spent a whole lot of effort to ensure diversity for those who choose to partner with us while exploring the potential of crypto. With this upgraded platform, we’re sure that every investor in crypto can find a path suitable for them and their needs

Don’t follow, initiate

The crypto sector is constantly changing, and it takes time and resources to keep up with its pace. However, keeping up with the pace in this environment is not enough. In order to truly flourish, the players in this game must stay a step ahead, while constantly seeking new innovation options. That is exactly where Coinberry Canada comes into play, with its plethora of features and benefits for anyone who wishes to get to know crypto better.

«Our valued clients, as well as anyone not yet registered with us, are welcome to check out our offer on our website,» added Mosse. «I guarantee that anyone can find an investment plan that is ideal for their budget, objectives and risk tolerance. We also invite our users to talk to us, via the many means of communication we provide, to give us feedback about the new investment opportunities. We appreciate our clients’ feedback. It helps us fine-tune our efforts towards customer satisfaction

About Coinberry Canada

Based in British Columbia and serving crypto enthusiasts from all over the world, Coinbery Canada has succeeded in branding itself as a ‘go-to’ platform for anything crypto, mainly thanks to its versatility and flexibility when it comes to different crypto avenues. Recently, the company has announced that Canadian businessman Kevin O’Leary is to purchase its crypto trading platform, and the brand also plans on launching an exclusive crypto exchange very soon. More details will be provided regarding that matter in the near future.