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19 Jul 2024

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Grant Cardone Lists $42M Miami Mansion on Blockchain Real Estate Platform Propy

Grant Cardone Lists $42M Miami Mansion on Blockchain Real Estate Platform Propy 

Propy, a technology company revolutionizing real estate via blockchain and AI, today announced that high-profile American entrepreneur Grant Cardone has listed a Golden Beach, Florida, private property for sale on Propy’s blockchain-based real estate platform with an asking price of $42,000,000 accepting cryptocurrency.

This marks the first venture into emerging technologies in proptech for Cardone, a serial founder, best-selling author, equity fund manager, and business and real estate investor. The home is listed on the Propy marketplace with the deed minted onchain.

Propy simplifies the home-purchasing experience and eliminates fraudulent transactions by using a decentralized title registry and an escrow settlement protocol for securely storing land records and facilitating transactions, as well as accepting or converting cryptocurrency if a buyer chooses this form of payment. Leveraging the immutability of the blockchain, Propy ensures that buyer and seller private information is secure throughout the transaction. Automating and bringing the entire process online and onchain enables closing on a property to be faster, easier, and more secure than the outdated, traditional real estate transaction model.

Commenting on the listing, Grant Cardone said, «We are all in on blockchain revolutionizing real estate. We are leveraging top-tier technology to make transactions seamless and unstoppable. This is the future of real estate, and we’re leading the charge!«

The private address is minted on PropyKeys protocol – an onchain tokenized address market developed on the Base network (Coinbase Layer 2 on Ethereum). PropyKeys brings real estate onchain through NFT home addresses and aims to bring one million home addresses onchain by 2025. The Propy marketplace also grants prospective buyers the option to pay using Bitcoin or US dollars.

«It is a privilege for us to be the platform of choice for high-end property sellers, enhancing our offering to our community of high net-worth individuals, investors, and crypto buyers. With Propy’s advanced blockchain rails, compliant crypto and dollar payments, and unwavering focus on privacy, our clients can confidently navigate the closing process. The inclusion of Cardone’s listing in BTC and USD on Propy, minted with our latest privacy deed feature, highlights our leadership in the intersection of real estate and crypto.», Natalia Karayaneva, Founder and CEO of Propy

About Propy:

Propy is a US-licensed title company and a pioneering platform leveraging blockchain and AI technology to facilitate seamless transactions of real-world assets (RWA), specifically focused on revolutionizing global real estate markets. As an industry leader, Propy specializes in providing secure and efficient solutions, ensuring an enhanced experience for buying and selling properties worldwide.

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