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19 Jul 2024

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FreeWoly set to launch bringing Farmville alternative to Web3

FreeWoly set to launch bringing Farmville alternative to Web3 

After the success of Farmville which opened up a whole new vertical of gaming, FreeWoly (FWOLY) has developed an innovative AR (augmented reality) P2E farming game for Web3.

FreeWoly is set to take farming games to the next level and provide monetary rewards for all players.

In 2020 Farmville’s revenue was nearly $2 billion and estimates show nearly $2.8 billion in 2021 alone. Now with FreeWoly an ecosystem that utilises all the benefits of Farmville, yet rewards the user is now here.

What Is FreeWoly?

FreeWoly is a hybrid simulation and AR game that blends a Farmville model with the ever-popular Pokemon Go. When the player is at their designated home location, farm mode is activated where users can create and grow their digitalised farmstead. Like all farming games, the initial farm is simple and basic, and is built up over time.

However, when the user goes outside of their designated home location, the game switches to AR mode. Like Pokemon Go users can collect items while they are on the move, such as animals and infrastructure items. The service is fun, interactive, and combines the best features of Farmville and Pokemon Go.

How Do You Earn Money

Monetary rewards are given out in the form of $FWoly, which is FreeWoly’s native currency. To earn digital currency users mint each animal which can be traded across the FreeWoly NFT marketplace. The rarer the animal the higher the value and the more you can sell your NFT for.

Moreover, users can sell their whole farm if they choose to do so. This provides an extra incentive layer to not only collect animals but also spend the time to build up your farm to sell to other users. Like the animals, the farm itself can also be minted.


The launch of $FWOLY token is scheduled imminently within Q3 2022 alongside the final stages of the game’s development. The Beta launch is scheduled for Q4 2022 alongside the tokens listing on CEXs and campaigns and events will also be launched.

In Q1 2023 will be the full release of the game and the NFT marketplace alongside a cross-chain transfer exchange for in-game assets to other currencies and vice versa.

With the game combining the best qualities of Farmville and Pokemon Go, FreeWoly is set to take the world of P2E gaming by storm so don’t miss out on this exciting and interactive project!

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