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12 May 2024

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Does the future of electric mobility go through blockchain?

Does the future of electric mobility go through blockchain? 

Blockchain technology can work in a great way by joining different fields, this time we will see how it works in the field of electric mobility thanks to the mobile app Zeemcoin, which helps to find electric charging points for your electric car and evaluate them.

How does blockchain technology work in the Zeemcoin app?

Zeemcoin has used blockchain technology to create its digital currency «Zeemcoin token». Zeemcoin is a utility token that operates on the Polygon network. As such, it can be easily, quickly, and securely sent from one wallet to another.

Users are rewarded for active participation in its mobile app (IOS & Android) with Zeemcoin Tokens and can use them to purchase products, and services and pay for energy when charging electric vehicles.

Zeemcoin plans to launch its dAPP so that users can access the following modules:

  • Farming
  • Staking
  • Swap
  • Analytics
  • Wallet

Details about the Zeemcoin token

Zeemcoin token works as compensation to EV drivers for being active users on their app. They have a gamification strategy that provides rewards in the form of Zeemcoin tokens.

This data benefits electric vehicle drivers who use the app, such as the quality of charging points or the services available in the area where the electric car is to be set up.

How can Zeemcoin token be acquired?

  • Mobile application

The first option is through the use of its mobile application, once downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store, if you are an electric car driver you can leave your review of the different charging points you use in your travels.

After completing a review the application will automatically give you 1.5€ in Zeemcoins that are stored in your virtual wallet within the app, these zeemcoins are easy to export to other virtual wallets and other networks for the use you want to give it.

Interestingly, these Zeemcoin tokens transcend the digital world and can be used to pay for conventional products and services.

  • Launch to the general public

If you want to buy your own Zeemcoins you can do it through the “Launchpad” since October 18, they currently have a price of €0.12 each zeemcoin

The vision of Zeemcoin and blockchain technology

For Zeemcoin, blockchain technology has meant opening the door to innovation in the electric mobility sector. In their future outlook they want to become:

  • Valuable Asset:

Accumulating value from the use of the token by acquiring products and services inside and outside Zeemcoin.

  • Holders:

Rewarding zeemcoin token holders who contribute to the protocol.

  • Standard payment:

Becoming the standard for electric vehicle charging payment in Europe by being adopted by industry players.

  • Sustainability:

The token will be used to participate in sustainable programs to help in this race towards a zero-emission future.

Blockchain technology helps to elevate conventional projects to new technological proposals such as Zeemcoin, where lovers of electric mobility and the crypto world come together to enjoy its benefits.

You have all the details on the Launchpad website

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