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11 May 2024

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David Cash brings High-End Large-Scale ArtWorks to Curation
David Cash's Avatar in Decentraland (CNW Group/Cash Labs)

David Cash brings High-End Large-Scale ArtWorks to Curation 

From August 24-28, Decentraland will present the 3rd iteration of Metaverse Art Week, Curated in part by David Cash on behalf of Decentraland, featuring Nick Knight, Damian Hirst, and Krista Kim.

Decentraland, the world’s largest user-owned and operated virtual social world, just launched the third edition of Metaverse Art Week. Exhibitions will include some of the largest-scale and highest fidelity works ever seen in the Metaverse. Curator David Cash has brought this year’s theme «The World is Made of Code» to life with 3D sculptures and video works by industry leaders including Krista Kim, legendary image-maker Nick Knight, and Lady Gaga’s creative Director Nicola Formichetti. These pieces will be exhibited alongside works from featured galleries, including Artnet, Sotheby’s, and others.

According to David Cash, curator for the Decentraland Foundation:

«At this point in metaverse history, artists and curators are constantly battling between fidelity and how many users can experience a virtual space simultaneously. During the third edition of Art Week, we have the chance to witness the best of both worlds, presenting several artworks at a massive scale at their full resolutions. I’m excited to see how this experimental yet new realm of technical possibilities will inspire artists to create works beyond their wildest dreams.»

Additionally, the «Cash Labs Gallery» will be launching its permanent collection this Art Week. The gallery will feature four different shows:

The first floor will be comprised exclusively of pieces from David Cash’s personal NFT collection curated under the theme «From Physical to Digital,» highlighting NFT artists who have transitioned their practices from the physical to the digital realm. This floor includes works by Damien Hirst, Laurel Charleston, Justin Aversano, and several others. This collection will focus on works that include intangible elements, including performance art practices and heavy input of a «human hand» in their creations.

The second floor will also be comprised of pieces from Cash’s collection under the theme «Art for the Metaverse,» highlighting digitally native art practices. This floor features works by Krista Kim, Bryan Brinkman, IX Shells, and others.

The third floor will feature a takeover by SHOWstudio highlighting the first-ever NFT collection by legendary image-maker Nick Knight featuring collaborations with over 40 Web3 natives.

The fourth floor will feature an art film festival on the current state of moving images as art.

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