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06 Jun 2024

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Celphish Finance (CELP) brings DeFi and NFTs straight to phones

Celphish Finance (CELP) brings DeFi and NFTs straight to phones 

Celphish Finance (CELP) offers its users a seamless experience in trading and managing their crypto and NFT assets. This is done without losing ownership of their NFTs. Without any barriers, crypto enthusiasts can perform crypto activities with their smartphones on the Celphish Finance platform.

Currently, social media platforms are all centralised systems that harness your data, cast target advertisements, and reap large profits. The user sees none of the profits and instead has their privacy leaked. This is why Celphish Finance has focused on smartphones.

Nearly everyone who has an interest in crypto owns a smartphone. They have undoubtedly revolutionised our lives. Celphish Finance has expressed the importance of utilising smartphones as the smartphone industry keeps evolving with additional functionalities. This is why Celphish is launching wallets and dApps to provide crypto access to every smartphone user.

The project will be community-driven to make sure the voices of the users are heard. Celphish Finance will enable multi-chain liquidity sourcing and trading from various liquidity sources. Users can trade and swap tokens for the lowest prices at the fastest speeds.

Those who choose to stake their tokens are opened up to an array of benefits. Firstly, the overall amount of tokens in circulation will decrease, favourably increasing the price of the token. Secondly, users who stake their CELP tokens can participate in platform decision-making. Finally, stakers will earn a portion of the fees collected from the liquidity pools.

Celphish Finance has a decentralised exchange (DEX), CelphishSwap. It characterises itself as a highly user-friendly token exchange. CelphishSwap has simplified the trading experience for its users by allowing buyers and sellers to exchange value directly with other market participants.

CelphishSwap was designed on three principles; security, ease of use, and pleasure using the service. The exchange will be open and transparent without compromising security. It also has a fast transaction rate compared to other exchanges.

Ultimately, Celphish wants to create an NFT marketplace with social media features like chat messaging, educational resources, and the creation of memes. It will allow the user to profit from the service while maintaining a high level of security over their information and digital assets.

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