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19 Jul 2024

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Animechain ai Reveals Its White Paper
Artificial Intelligence

Animechain ai Reveals Its White Paper is an AI x Blockchain project that fully values creators’ rights and creativity. We have published a white paper describing our core vision in detail. By combining cutting-edge AI and blockchain technology, we strive to improve the efficiency and quality of anime production while protecting creators’ rights and securing fair compensation. 

They will also be participating in IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO, one of Japan’s largest startup conferences held in Kyoto for three days from July 4th to the 6th, as a platinum sponsor.’s vision and initiatives, including the content of our white paper, will be presented at the Keynote Session of the main stage of IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO on Saturday, July 6th, from 11:45 AM.

White Paper Outline:

1. A Creator-first Rights Management System:

○   Strictly managing creators’ rights by implementing the AIRA (AI Rights Asset) token.

○   An automated and highly transparent reward distribution system controlled by smart contracts.

○   Creating new revenue opportunities by promoting derivative work and spinoffs.

2. High-quality Generative AI Specialized in Anime:

○   High-quality anime image generators with resolution of the highest standards in the industry.

○   Innovative time series models that enable animation generation on a real-time basis.

○   Overall production support by multimodal generation combining text, audio, and images.

3. Proprietary Layer 2 Solution «Anime Network»:

○   Transaction processing at over 100 times the conventional speed.

○   Ensuring data security and privacy with cryptography.

○   Unique functions that are optimized for the workflow of anime production.

4. Comprehensive Ecosystem and Governance:

○   A diverse community of creators, anime studios, AI developers, fans, and rights holders.

○   Democratic decision-making by token holders.

○   An incentive system that promotes continuous technological innovation and expansion of the market.

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