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10 May 2024

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A Meme Coin That Incorporates Sustainability

A Meme Coin That Incorporates Sustainability 

Cryptocurrencies have suffered immensely during these past couple of months. May 2022 saw veteran blockchain networks such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL) and Terra (LUNA) rapidly decline in value.

This has caused many active buyers to become apprehensive about purchasing crypto, due to its volatile and fluctuating nature.

However, the issues of fluctuation and volatility are not exclusive to the crypto market. An upcoming meme coin that plans to elevate the market through its sustainability is Big Eyes Coin (BIG), which people can trust in purchasing

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a newcomer to the crypto market and is still currently in its presale phase. The blockchain network describes itself as the ‘ultimate meme coin platform’, as it aims to divert wealth into the decentralised finance ecosystem while also protecting an important part of the world’s atmosphere. Because the meme coin recognises that community tokens are money creators for charity, it wishes to build a platform that self-promotes hyper-growth by employing NFTs to give access to content and events.

The blockchain network’s uniqueness primarily comes from its mascot, a cute cat with large glaring pupils. BIG’s mascot also takes inspiration from Japanese culture by being designed in an anime/manga style. Big Eyes Coin developers recognise the appeal of cuteness, therefore plan to capitalise on this by having a distinct mascot, which they believe is targeting a billion-dollar industry. Big Eyes Coin also intends to debut on Uniswap, a popular decentralised trading system recognised for simplifying the exchange of decentralised financing tokens.

BIG also intends to launch a one-of-a-kind NFT collection where content providers may sell their work. They intend to have this collection reach the top 10 markets, with all earnings from these NFTs going towards a burn or not burn vote. Big Eyes Coin’s sustainability comes in several ways. Firstly, it intends to be built on the Ethereum blockchain, which now plans to use proof-of-stake, a more energy-efficient consensus in comparison to proof-of-work.

This means that Big Eyes Coin will also inherit sustainability through its carbon-conscious methods, reducing 99.95%. Furthermore, the coin also seeks to be useful by including a charity wallet in which 80% of the 200,000,000 tokens accessible will be dedicated to ocean conservation efforts. BIG’s distinct branding and well-versed sustainability makes it stand out in an oversaturated market. Buy now while it is still at a low cost.

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